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kanji_a_day's Journal

Kanji a Day - a kanji a day keeps the stupid away.
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This comm aims to teach you a kanji a day. Isn't that a surprise :P

Since I'm on lj at least briefly each day and I've got two neat little tearaway pads from borders, I figured I could share my semi-knowledge with the world.

Also it helps to learn if you write things out. PERSONAL GAIN! Ahem.

I know there used to be another community/journal/something like this kicking around here but it's not about anymore so even more reason ^__^

Entries will have translations of the kana readings in romaji. So it doesn't matter what level you're at.

Anyone can join so come on in and be learning.

Entries will go like this:

"Picture of Kanji"

-ON readings
-KUN readings
-verbs and nouns (if applicable)